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Galvanised Steel Spike Post Supports 75mm & 100mm: Priced from
Galvanised Steel Spike Post Supports 75mm & 100mm: Priced from Galvanised Steel Spike Post Supports allow the installation of fence posts in minutes. They hold the fence post above ground level, protecting the base of the wooden post against infestation and rot.
The tough steel spike, once driven fully into the ground, provides a secure and stable fixing for the fence post.

1. Check position of any underground services before
2. Using a Garden Driving Tool and a sledgeham-
mer start to tap the support spike into the soil.
3. Use a spirit level to make frequent checks for hori-
zontal and vertical alignment during the installation.
4. It is also important to check that the post support
spike doesn’t twist out of alignment with the fence.
Use the driving tool handles to twist the spike back into alignment if this happens
5. Continue to drive the spike into the soil until the box rests just above ground level.

The steel fins bite into the wooden post as it is hammered in, holding the post fast. The base spike embeds into the base of the post preventing any lateral movement. Fin Grip is suitable for installing all types of wooden fencing.

Bolt Top (Middle Picture Below):

Fin Grip (RHS Picture Below)

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Galvanised Steel Spike Post Supports 75mm & 100mm: Priced from - Choose Your Required Size Out of Stock


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