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Eraza Ant Killer Powder 300g £2.70
Click Here for Product Details! Eraza Ant Killer Powder in a 300g Container For Fast and effective control of ants and their nests. Use indoors or outdoors to provide long-lasting protection for up to three months: £3.24 inc vat [ View ]
Eraza Slug and Snail Killer Pellets 800g £4.40
Click Here for Product Details! Eraza is a fast acting slug and snail killer which is five-times more effective than normal pellets: £5.28 inc vat [ View ]
Hero Wheelie Bin Power Guard by Westland 750ml Ready to Use Spray £3.19
Click Here for Product Details! Deodorises Kills and Eliminates Bugs Providing Protection for up to 14 days: £3.83 inc vat [ View ]